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Joan Fontcuberta. Imago, ergo sum

Por Marcos Ros Fontcuberta está considerado como uno de los fotógrafos actuales más relevantes de Europa y una de las voces más reconocidas y respetadas en el panorama internacional. La muestra Joan Fontcuberta. Imago, ergo sum […]

Alvin Langdon Coburn Exhibition Visit 01/17/15

The first time I noticed Alvin Langdon Coburn‘s work was about a year ago in one of the first photography books I’d bought. I’d picked it up to get a general overview of the history […]

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Salamanca Exhibition Visit 01/11/15

The trip to Salamanca as a meet-up represented the meeting in-person of a talented street photographer I had met online, among the sea of acquaintances I’ve made in my time practicing the art. Almost a […]

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