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By Levi Shand What do you mean, «triangles»? This challenge is all about triangles, and my question to you is: Can you incorporate them into your composition? If you’re not sure, let’s start with what […]


By Levi Shand Why, in a world where everyone is so determined to be different, do vectors offer a bridge across the active and intentional need to see objects in uniquely different ways? Rudolph Arnheim, […]

Figure to Ground Relationship

By Levi Shand This month we are going to practice separating our subject from its background, and any other clutter in the scene. Sounds easy, right? FGR (figure to ground relationship) is important because if […]


By Levi Shand What do you mean, «emotion»? On the face of it, this challenge seems pretty straightforward. The idea is to shoot a candid street photograph wherein the bearing element is a person expressing […]

Edge Control

By Levi Shand EDGE CONTROL Controlling the edges of the frame means keeping high contrast near the edges of the frame to a minimum. Areas of high contrast near the edges serve as exits for […]

Central Perspective

By Levi Shand What is central perspective? The Central Perspective challenge asks the photographer to try to eliminate the third dimension in a frame, or at least mute its perceptibility. Why practice this? It’s useful […]