Photo Walks

In spite of Crisol being a large group of photographers, we understand that street photography is not so much a team sport. For this reason, Crisol photo walks favor autonomy and retain more the nature of a hunt than of a tour of an area.

We meet at a point in a given zone, say, a neighborhood, and once everyone’s arrived the organizer discusses the monthly challenge. While it’s not obligatory to shoot for the challenge, it can be fun and offer a higher order of difficulty than standard shooting, and it could help give a photographer some purpose, could serve to color the experience in their memory.

Each walk lasts on average an hour and a half, wherein the photographers are invited to circulate in a given zone. They shoot and shoot, and afterward the group meets at a predetermined point, from which they move as a group to nearby cafe to discuss the day and their experiences, and to simply spend some social time together.

This way, the solitary nature of the sport is tempered a bit. There is a platform for the comparing of notes and sharing stories, giving advice and guidance among members. All of that, and framed within it is a modest space of time for a photographer to practice their art.

Click here for an interactive map of where we shoot in Madrid!


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