Monthly Challenges

Crisol members are given a new photographic challenge each month. These challenges serve multiple purposes, but are aimed at helping our photographers train and improve their ability. Generally, a challenge will fall into one of two fields: it will be a “content” challenge or a “form” challenge.

Content challenges ask that a photographer include a specific visual element in their submitted photographs. These are fun challenges. The content does not have to subscribe to a certain compositional constraint, but rather it simply must appear convincingly in the frame.

Conversely, form challenges introduce a compositional element and ask that photographers focus on isolating that element in their frames throughout the month. These challenges often prove the more difficult of the two categories, as many of the compositional principles introduced are new to the majority of the membership. Ultimately, however, once these ideas are assimilated, they prove the most useful in the long-term development of our members.

Where do these challenges come from? They are sourced in many places, most notably in the works of the late Rudolf Arnheim and in the ongoing tutelage of arts teacher Myron Barnstone. Some are sourced from social media sites, and some are synthesized after months of thought.

Crisol Monthly Challenges are posed in the least regard to give our photographers some food for thought, to offer a purpose or a goal for their daily or weekly shooting. In a greater sense, these challenges offer a little arts and design education, in the interest of helping each photographer learn how their images “speak”. Primarily, however, rotating monthly challenges serve to install in the participants the ability to see a given place through any number of perceptive filters. A photographer who gets bored of photographing a place has not yet learned to see, and must agree that their formation is incomplete, and it is there that we find the raison d’etre of Crisol: to motivate photographers with arts potential to get out and shoot.

Note: By no means does Crisol claim that any of the following descriptions  or activities represent THE way to approach each subject. Rather, these are but a way to begin your journey in street photography via practice, practice, and more practice.

Let the street be your teacher.

Happy reading, and happy shooting!

You can find our monthly challenge in our blog