Lubitel project

The objective of the Lubitel project is to offer to the members of Crisol the opportunity to try a TRL (Twin Lens Camera) medium format camera. The Soviet-made Lubitel 166B, thanks to its totally manual functions, the austerity of the dials, and the difficulty of framing (a problem common in medium format cameras), allows the user to experiment with the difficulty of analog photography.

This project has no greater goal than to allow the user to experiment outside of the digital realm and to get out of his comfort zone, and to learn from that experience.

The camera rental order is the following:

  1. Sophyneveu
  2. Rodolfo
  3. Marta
  4. Begoña
  5. Jacinta
  6. Virginie
  7. Elena
  8. Carmen Muñoz
  9. David
  10. Álex