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© Thomas Leuthard

© Thomas Leuthard

Swiss photographer Thomas Leuthard is widely considered a rising star in the global street photography scene. His values closely align with those of this group’s leadership, and thanks to alert and tuned-in group member Rafael Vida, we are pleased to present the free e-books Leuthard has published. They are available as .PDFs via the following links:

Going Candid (link)

Collecting Souls (link)

The Art of Candid Street Portraiture (link)

© Alex Coghe

© Alex Coghe

In addition to these treasures, Rafael has provided a link to the grainy, contrasty work of Alex Coghe via his e-book “Street Photography”:

Street Photography, by Alex Coghe (link)

…and The Street Collective, Volume One:

Street Collective Volume One (link)

© Daniel Hoffman

© Daniel Hoffman

…and Daniel Hoffman’s “Street Photography”:

Street Photography, by Daniel Hoffman (very nice guy, by the way!) (link)

© Chris Weeks

© Chris Weeks

…and Chris Weeks’ thoughtful “Street Photography for the Purist”:

Street Photography for the Purist, by Chris Weeks (link)

© Michael Ernest Sweet

© Michael Ernest Sweet

…and finally, Michael Ernest Sweet’s “Street Photography Bible”:

Street Photography Bible, by Michael Ernest Sweet (link)


Make no mistake; this is a treasure-trove of information. Take it in slowly, a page at a time. Give each photographer a little time to impress you, for the lessons to sink in. There is NO GREAT HURRY.

Please use this comments section as a place to post links to other valuable resources that you find. We will review this post in time, and dedicate a page to it if it grows enough. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Andres febrero 23, 2015 at 12:18 #


    one of my lovely treasures discovered is this ebook from Marie Laignau with
    Nice essay of composition and emotions in street photography.

    And of course, this bag of holding of Inspired Eye with articles and ¡free e-books!:

    Enjoy that! 🙂


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