Chus Martín


I’d always liked travel photography, but people disturbed me. I was interested in monuments, buildings, city squares, the sky and clouds reflecting on a lake… How annoying was that girl crossing by, or the street vendor just standing in front of the Colosseum! I wish I had the streets for myself! But I’ve always been a pragmatic person, so… if you can’t beat them, join them. And I looked for a Street Photography group in order to incorporate people into my photos. And I found Crisol. And now, my pictures tell stories (or at least, they try). The Royal Palace no longer speaks to me without people listening to a street musician nearby, I look for that street vendor with a client so that I can capture that expression that tells everything… For me that’s Street Photography: stories. Photos that tell stories. Stories that find their reflection in photos. What story do you want to tell today?