Antonio Balsera


Making photos is just a very special way to express myself trying to make others to see what I see through my camera and in the way I interpret it with my mind and my heart.As passionate traveler I have come to the conclusion that one cannot completely know a place without knowing its people, y I have no doubt that street photography is the best way to do it.Sharing photographic experiences and helping others is a great motivation to keep learning and capturing unique moments around us.

On a side note, I take special pride in maintaining a group culture of inclusion, support, and positivity. Many times I have witnessed group mem bers helping each other, offering advice, or developing friendships from their interpersonal interactions within the group. As an organizer, I cannot ask for anything more.

If practicing photography in a friendly group setting sounds like fun to you, sign up! We’d love to include you in our many projects and activities. You don’t need a fancy camera or long experience in photography to join – just some self-motivation and a willingness to work a little toward improving your craft. We hope to see you soon!