About us

«Your own photography is never enough. Every photographer who has lasted has depended on other people’s pictures too – photographs that may be public or private, serious or funny, but that carry with them a reminder of community.»
Robert Adams

Crisol Street Photography is an educational street photography club that meets frequently to sort out issues of visual communication and (makes a concerted effort to) solve compositional problems. Members are treated to monthly photographic challenges and a seemingly endless series of visits to gallery exhibitions. At the beginning of the month it is posed a visual problem, and endeavor throughout the month to give examples of how others before them have solved it. That continual practice is at the core of what we do.

This group gets photographers out of their houses and onto the streets.

In addition to the photo walks and gallery visits, we organize larger events, exhibitions, and collaborations with local businesses and organizations. Our members love photography and photography culture. We are pros with pro gear, enthusiasts, and initiates wielding smartphones. We shoot together, make mistakes together, and learn a little along the way.

We promote good street photography here on the site and it is here where we keep logs of our activities. We hope that users will find these useful and instructive. Please use the Contact form if you wish to ask any questions of the administrative team.

In addition, you can contact us on: